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Tips to Using Images on Your Blog

Do you have a blog? Certainly, you are aware that using images and photos on your blog is essential. Not only does the practice enhance your site attractiveness but also it boosts your SEO. Unlike olden days, getting a picture for use in a blog is no longer a hard tackle. Today, there are a thousand if not a million free image sources. However, with the high availability free sources of photos, most bloggers either overuse or misuse pictures on their website. Such actions adversely affect the benefits of having them. Are you one of them? If so, here are three tips for efficiently using images on your blog or website:

Always use high-quality images

Certainly, high-quality images and content equal to credibility. As you know, presenting quality content sets you apart from the rest. Images make your blog attractive and enhance engagement. Naturally, people would like to know the message attached to a particular photo. This way, it enhances readability. As such, even though you are using free images, it is essential to obtain them from reliable sources.

Remember, if you present credible information through text but your website photography does not follow suit, it will be hard for the audience to subscribe to your thought or idea. For this reason, ensure your images quality is in line with the content on your blog to ensure it supports the site’s objectives.

One image per 350 words

Many website owners get it wrong when it comes to using imagery on their blogs. Blinded or misinterpreting the rule that a photo speaks a thousand words, they overuse images on their content pages. Unless you are developing a gallery or a portfolio to showcase your photography work, you should always use pictures effectively.

According to Blog Pros findings, for your site to rank well on the search engines, it is advisable to use one image per 350 words. As such, do not overuse image on your website. Preferably a right combination of text and photos is the best way to connect with your target audiences.

Use visual in presenting data on your site

At a time, you will need to give detailed information to your audience using data and statistics. For instance, when you are presenting a research finding, it is essential to use graph and tables to help your audience quickly understand your results. Also, when preparing guidelines and tutorials about your product, use of infographics can enhance knowledge and understanding. This will lead to increase in sales.

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