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This Is How to Select an Image for Your Website

Selecting the right images for your website is the first step to establish authority in the virtual world. How true is this? By having the right images, you will attract the right audience, enhance sharability, and fairly communicate your information among others. The opposite is also true. Posting wrong images lead to high bouncing rate, reduced traffic, and annoyed audience.

Notably, your website imagery is the determiner of your visitors’ mood. Excellent and attractive photos will lead to a smile. By that, you are sure of a next visit. In this essence, how you choose images even if you are using free image sources is critical. Here is how to do it like an expert:

Determine the purpose of your content

Is your aim to attract more visitors, market your products, or just to inform the audience about your business? Determining the purpose of your content is the first thing to consider when choosing images for your website.  As you may know, it is a bad idea to use an animal photo to human market products. Say you are selling clothes. To successfully pass your information you need to upload images related to that product.

For this reason, you cannot visit free image download sites and obtain a photo, upload it on your fashion site. Doing so will be a perfect formula for attracting zero sales. As such, your image must match with the purpose of your content.

Choose images that create emotions

What makes people buy a product from an online or a physical store is the emotion it generates. Popularly, the aspect is known as customer experience. The first aspect of customer experience is appearance. This means having excellent website photography will create positive emotion. Hence, your target audience will become frequent visitors and indeed convert to customers or brand promoters. As such, ensure the kind of images you use to create a positive emotion on the reader if your dream is attracting colossal traffic.

Use image sizes that do not affect your site loading speed

The internet world is speed driven. Everyone is looking for a place to access service in the shortest time possible. When it comes to the website, no visitor is willing to spend more than 3 seconds waiting for your site to load. Some of the photos obtained from free image sources are large or in a format that takes time to load them. As a result, they affect your website loading speed. To avoid such cases, always optimize your images and use the right formats such as JPEG and PNG.

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