3 Types of Images to Make Your Blog Posts Go Viral

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3 Types of Images to Make Your Blog Posts Go Viral

If you want to attract large traffic on your website, using mixing texts and images is not a choice. As a new blogger or website owner, you are familiar with such statements. A Google search for the tips for boosting your online presence or following will always have a point on the essentiality of images in a website.

With the availability of free images, the question is no longer about the cost of obtaining high-quality photos. Instead, it is on the type of images and pictures suitable for use in your blog. In the real sense, not all images as ideal for use in a blog. To help you in solving this dilemma, here are 3 types of images that will make your blog posts to go viral:

Animated images

Do you want to turn your blog post into audience magnets? If so, go for the animated graphics. According to statistics, this type of images has the highest rate of sharability. People will always pass on posts with animations to their peers. In fact, Facebook and other social platforms introduce animated graphics as part of posting and commenting. As such, using animated graphics enhances readers’ engagement and connectivity with your blog. However, if you want high animated graphics, you have to go deep inside your pocket.

Hand-drawn images

Did you attend an art and craft class? Or are you talented in image drawing? Drawing images is one of the cheapest ways of obtaining free images for your blog. But, this applies when you are doing the illustrations yourself. Otherwise, hiring an artist will call for an extra dollar on your content development. Nevertheless, hand-drawn images attract more sharing as people view them as unique and original. So, if you have a talent in image drawing, you can turn to it. All you need is a good camera to capture your images and upload them to your site. After this, you will let the audience do what they are good at – sharing.


Data is a critical way of passing information to the target audience. Mainly, when the data uses a visual presentation approach, it has a high chance of being effective on your website. For this reason, use of infographics as part of your site imagery can enhance the sharability of your posts. Also, they are a good way of breaking down complex information to your audience easily and transparently.

Now, you know which free images or cost efficient photos to make your blog post to go viral

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